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Gender: the Heart of (Inter-)Religious Understanding

“A Song Every Day” focuses on Jewish thought, often highlighting issues of gender and sexuality. These issues are central to interdenominational Jewish differences as well as to controversies within and … Continue reading

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Traveling With Jonah: Pre-Yom Kippur Thoughts

By the time we approach minchah on Yom Kippur afternoon, we have been through the month of Elul, Selichot prayers, Rosh Hashanah, and a substantial portion of the Day of … Continue reading

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Exploring Divine Fluidity: Yentl, Gender, and Time

Murkiness does not persist for long in biblical narrative. For only one verse, “the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the … Continue reading

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Yentl at Theater J, Post-Show Panel on Women and Religious Tradition

UPDATE: Change of panelists for September 14 Theater J’s new production of Yentl, based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story, explores issues of gender and religious tradition. Panel discussions following … Continue reading

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Is this 1959 or 2014? Prayers for a Change

DC Tefillin Barbie would love to focus on her passions of Jewish text and gender studies. But — don’t let that frozen smile fool you — she’s got other pressing … Continue reading

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“Church Synagogue Have Failed. They Must Repent.”

“Church synagogue have failed. They must repent….We forfeit the right to worship God as long as we continue to humiliate Negroes,” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel telegraphed to President John F. … Continue reading

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