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The Most Dangerous of Dualisms (Beyond 30)

No one knows for certain what the ancient rabbi meant when warned his fellow mystical travelers against saying “Water! Water!”: When you reach the stones of pure marble, don’t say, … Continue reading

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Empathy: Are We There Yet? (Beyond 29)

“A lot of my friends have been beaten, killed…by police,” 16-year-old Michael Singleton told Whoopi Goldberg on The View the other day. “I went down there to fight for what … Continue reading

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Empathy: Withdrawing Ego (Beyond 28)

“withdrawing the ego to make room for another” A key element in cross-racial, and every other kind of, understanding is the focus of this week’s omer journey. “Hod” [literally: “glory”] … Continue reading

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Endurance and Leadership (beyond 27)

The close of the Netzach [“Endurance” or “Leadership”] week of the omer journey seems an auspicious moment to share some resources for leading conversations and action within the Jewish community. … Continue reading

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Consequences, part 2 (beyond 26)

We passed the mid-point in the omer journey away from oppression, this week, at the same time that Freddie Gray’s death at the hands of Baltimore police evoked response all … Continue reading

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